David teaches drum lessons to all ages.  He believes that the purpose in playing an instrument is to have fun and to be able to play musically.  That’s why he focuses on getting students to perform with dynamics, finesse and not just bang on the drums.  He helps his students overcome their mental blocks and self-consciousness in order to progress quickly.  David further encourages his students to expand their musical horizons so that they can embrace many genres and styles.  Ultimately, he believes that this gives the student expanded tools and vocabulary with which to express their personality on the drums and within their preferred musical genre.

David  Bolen     ON DRUMS

"I love the way you teach...,please know that you have motivated me to play and enjoy new genres of music."
                             - G. Mills, Ph.D, Ashland, OR
"Mr. David has always been the highlight of my week! His joyful energy has always helped me get better at drumming. No one compares to him in the realm of drum teaching! "
                             - M. Smith, Medford, OR
"David doesn’t just teach technique (which he does really well), but takes the time to see the whole person so he can help them integrate who they are into their drumming.  David took the time to see me and then teach me in a way that made it easy for me to learn, inviting me to express my unique self in my drumming.  I wouldn’t want any other drum teacher.   -  M. Rydman, Talent, OR
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